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Facilitating Community Building in Learning Networks through Peer Tutoring in Ad-hoc Transient Communities

Learning in a so called Learning Network is particularly attractive to self-directed learners, who themselves decide on their learning program as well as on the timing, pace and place of their studies. However, such learners may easily become isolated, which … Continue reading

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Future Learning – The boundaries between Informal and Formal Work

Within academia a rather romantic notion of informal work can sometimes be observed: that, for example, it provides sites of resistance to capitalism or an alternative to the market economy. While for some this is true, the paper here considers … Continue reading

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ICT and Youth at Risk – how ICT-driven initiatives can contribute to their Socio-Economic Inclusion and how to measure it

Given the dearth of empirical evidence on this topic, the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies investigate from different angles how ICT is being used by young people who are marginalized or at risk of social exclusion, and how ICT can … Continue reading

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Methopedia – Collaborative Learning Design and Activities

Methopedia is meant as a resource for Trainers and Lecturers who want to make their seminars more active by using different seminar methods. As educators we often wonder how active learning can be accomplished in larger groups, how online learning … Continue reading

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Future Learning – Integrating Personal Learning and Working Environments

Instead of the present massification of education, learners are encouraged and supported in developing personal learning pathways. Formal education and informal learning become ever more separate. Learners develop their own e-Portfolio. As the education system becomes fragmented, learners increasingly turn … Continue reading

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