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Home, preschool and school coordination boosts achievement

Children whose minds are stimulated in several early childhood settings — home, preschool, and school — have higher achievement in elementary school. What matters is not whether children’s learning is supported at home, or stimulated in preschool or in elementary … Continue reading

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Learning to Learn and Civic Competences

In the context of the European Union Framework of Key Competences and the need to develop indicators for European Union member states to measure progress made towards the ‘knowledge economy’ and ‘greater social cohesion’ both the competences learning to learn … Continue reading

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Assessing Learning-to-Learn – A Framework

The concept of learning-to-learn has been adopted in response to the new challenges and demands presented for educational assessment by changes at the macro-level of work and society, and at the micro-level of work processes. It refers to the diverse … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 and New Learning Paradigms

This article is sceptic about the current changes at eLearning institutions and businesses, but points out some of the changes that will take place outside their courses and programmes. During the coming years, eLearning 2.0 will be used as a … Continue reading

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ePortafolios como herramientas para valorar las capacidades genéricas en los cursos de Aprendizaje a Distancia

En el campo de la Educación, portafolio normalmente significa una recopilación de documentos que describen un proceso particular de aprendizaje o una biografía de aprendizaje completa. Si se recoge digitalmente se llama eportafolio. Desde los 90, los portafolios han sido … Continue reading

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