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Re-Inventing the Civic University

In the context of a severe recession, pressure on the public finances and major societal challenges such as global warming and the ageing population, governments are quite properly asking: what are universities for? This Provocation argues that all publicly funded … Continue reading

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Breaking the Boundaries – Transformative Innovation for the Global Good

Unfortunately, the innovations that power modern society have led to systems of energy, transport, food and housing that are unsustainable. The solution is a commitment to innovation for environmental sustainability as an overarching goal of national policy.

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Investigación Acción – Práctica Educativa como Investigación

Este artículo bosqueja variantes de investigación-acción de profesores, describiendo diferentes “herramientas” y “propósitos”de algunos investigadores cualitativos, destacados. Durante la última década, a medida que se transitaba desde las metodologías de investigación cuantitativa hacia la investigación naturalista, surgieron muchas formas interesantes … Continue reading

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