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Rhizome Project: exploring digital identities

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The Inevitable Personal Learning Environment Post

Seems like there’s a big wave ‘o people talking about PLEs in some pretty major terms. Stephen, for example, says this: It’s just you, your community, and the web, an environment where you are the centre and where your teachers … Continue reading

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Complexity: The Experience of Organising

Complexity: the Experience of Organizing is a sequel to the highly successful series Complexity and Emergence in Organizations also edited by the editors of this series. The first series has attracted international attention for its development of the theory of … Continue reading

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The Experience of Change

So often we think of change as a journey and it is natural to think about the speed at which we move. However, unlike most of the real journeys we take in a car or on a plane, many times … Continue reading

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Empowerment, a management fad?

Without answering these questions immediately, I’d like to look at some real world examples where I think that empowerment is taking place. These places have some things in common. These places generally have a leader that leads the company quite … Continue reading

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Everything is emergent

Again, we have to stop predicting, and start nurturing the current situation in a way that good outcomes will flourish, independent of what that outcome can be. It’s not the outcome that matters most, it’s the road to it. The … Continue reading

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The complexity of complexity

To me, complexity is not about systems. It’s about social phenomena. We can talk about the ‘problems’ of complexity and complex behavior, rather I’d talk about the opportunities. Dave Snowden understands this very well. Like I’ve said before regarding emergence, … Continue reading

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Self-organization defined

Self-organization defined If we take a look at Wikipedia, we see the following definition: Self-organization is a process of attraction and repulsion in which the internal organization of a system, normally an open system, increases in complexity without being guided … Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to be Self Organising?

The concept of self-organisation is a very misunderstood topic when it comes to applying it to organisations. Bas Reus is exploring what it means to say that humans are self-organising, over at http://basreus.nl/2009/07/27/self-organization-defined/#comment-51.  His post outlines the development of his … Continue reading

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Self-Organising – It’s not a “Bottom Up” Phenomenon

Self-organisation is in no way a bottom up process. All humans are involved in interaction, and the results that emerge are the results of self-organising processes, whether you are a top manager or lower in the hierarchical ranks. It is … Continue reading

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