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Putting Complexity to Work – Supporting the Practitioners

Read Community Engagement – a Social Ecosystem Dance — Read Peckham Power – can Complexity Tools help us? — Read Embracing Complexity and Innovation to Deliver Business Growth — Read Bridging the gap between Complexity Practitioners and Scientists — Read … Continue reading

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Managing and Learning in MOOCs – massive(ly) open online courses

A model of: – design – pedagogy – delivery – assessment is emerging Read

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Social Media for Researchers

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What is the World Café? – Crafting a strategy to move forward

Viewer One of the greatest challenges today is how to engage multiple stakeholders and/or large numbers of stakeholders in collectively crafting a way forward. How do you allow each person to be heard and yet craft a strategy to move … Continue reading

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Knowledge Café Workshop

Powerpoint presentation used to run a full day Knowledge Cafe Workshop

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Café Philosophique

Café philosophique is a grassroots forum for philosophical discussion, founded by philosopher Marc Sautet in Paris, France. Sautet started the idea of philosophy cafes in the Place de la Bastille neighborhood of Paris at the Café des Phares on December … Continue reading

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Knowledge Cafe

A knowledge café or World Café is a type of business meeting or organisational workshop which aims to provide an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface their collective knowledge, share ideas and insights, and … Continue reading

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Complexity and the Brazilian Public Software – Beyond sharing

Read This work presents a case study of an innovative Brazilian experience of use of free software in public administration as an emergent ecosystem, and the attempt to establish a quality framework for that. It describes a new concept: the … Continue reading

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Emergence and sustainability in a decentralized organization

Read Continuous development is a key issue for long term competitiveness and sustainability of organizations on a changing global market. It has been known for decades that organizations with loose and flexible structure, and more horizontal than vertical information flow … Continue reading

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Autopoiesis and fluid self-organizing networks in business

Read   In a typical organization “management” entails autopoiesis – a process that builds a closed purposeful system that seeks to perpetuate itself. Some self-sustaining processes seem necessary; however an organization today is surrounded by highly dynamic, competitive, and socially … Continue reading

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