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So how does it work? – Rhizomatic Methodologies

Read with the Issuu viewer In this paper, we explore two different approaches to the development of a rhizomatic methodology. In a rhizomatic fashion, we map the connections and disconnections between and across these different pathways. Three connections are described: first, … Continue reading

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Rhizome – A Theory of Power

The path to stability and sustainability in human society lies in the conscious manipulation of memetic control structures. Learning to weave cultural elements, technologies and political-economic structures to suit the individual requires a detailed understanding of our relationship with the … Continue reading

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Developing a Rhizomatic Methodology

Overview of the research project Overview of rhizomatic methodologies Applying rhizotextual analytic techniques to data Investigate the teaching of digital literacy practices in one school Apply the Four Resources Literacy Framework  as a mapping tool to investigate the types of … Continue reading

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The Walker-Educator – Towards a Rhizomatic Pedagogy

In this chapter I will first trace the original meaning of the rhizome which is derived from botany. I then examine Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s thought in which the rhizome is proposed as a philosophical concept. I will conclude … Continue reading

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Review of Technology, Culture, and Socioeconomics – A Rhizoanalysis of Educational Discourses

Rhizoanalysis. If this term is unfamiliar, don’t resist it; it concerns an important and accessible concept. A common metaphor for analysis is that of a tree: a central stem, roots at one end, and branches at the other, and by … Continue reading

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Rhizomatic Education – Conceptual discussions for my course that starts next week

In a sense, the rhizomatic viewpoint returns the concept of knowledge to its earliest roots. Suggesting that a distributed negotiation of knowledge can allow a community of people to legitimize the work they are doing among themselves and for each … Continue reading

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A Thousand Plateaus – Rhizome – Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari

A system of this kind could be called a rhizome. A rhizome as subterranean stem is absolutely different from roots and radicles. Bulbs and tubers are rhizomes. Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether: the … Continue reading

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