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Involving Students in Managing their own Learning

Read The primary function of universities is to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to prosper throughout their professional career. Today, to be successful, students will need to continually enhance their knowledge and skills, in order to … Continue reading

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eLearning in the University – When will it really happen?

eLearning has enormous potential in education, and there is an urgent need to take stock of the possibilities that it offers. Despite this urgency, research on eLearning is still in a nascent stage and there is a degree of conceptual … Continue reading

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Mapping Innovative Learning Experiences in the UK

Read CREANOVA is an EU-funded project that aims to undertake research on specific conditions and factors which are present in creative learning environments and promote innovation. Whileinnovation is a defined imperative for European learning policy, there is a lack of … Continue reading

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Turning up Critical Thinking in Discussion Boards

Read This paper adopts a constructivist view of learning. It seeks to explore the mechanisms behind knowledge construction and higher-order thinking in discussion board usage amongst a less traditional, increasingly growing student population of work-based, distance learners. Recent studies have … Continue reading

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Microlearning – A Strategy for ongoing Professional Development

Read with the Issuu viewer In  this paper we introduce microlearning in online communities as a learning approach triggered by current patterns of media use and supported by new technologies, such Web 2.0 and social software. We delineate microlearning as … Continue reading

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Innovation, Informational Literacy and Lifelong Learning – Creating a new Culture

Read This article reflects on the impact of informational innovations and their interdependence with lifelong learning. Today, the object of knowledge and learning is increasingly based on digital information, which means we need to make serious efforts to construct a … Continue reading

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Anti Oedipe et Mille Plateaux – Capitalism, flows, the decoding of flows – Gilles Deleuze

Read with the Issuu viewer In other words, this is the fundamental action of a society: to code the flows and to treat as an enemy anyone who presents himself, in relation to society, as an uncodable flow, because, once … Continue reading

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