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The State of Apprenticeships in 2010 – Report

In an earlier report ‘The Net Benefit to Employer Investment in Apprenticeship Training’ (University of Warwick Institute for Employment Research, 2008) we set out the business case for Apprenticeships. That proved to be an effective medium for communicating the real … Continue reading

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Deleuze and the Internet

Read with the Issuu viewer Deleuze and Guattari’s concepts of the body without organs and the rhizome have been central to the academic discourse that has grown alongside the Internet itself, almost from its inception. But, I will argue, they’ve … Continue reading

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Philosophy and Simulation – The Emergence of Synthetic Reason by Manuel DeLanda

In this groundbreaking new book, Manuel Delanda analyzes all the different genres of simulation (from cellular automata and genetic algorithms to neural nets and multi-agent systems) as a means to conceptualize the possibility spaces associated with causal (and other) capacities. … Continue reading

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Bamboo Rhizome Barrier, control and containment of running bamboo rhizomes in the garden

Bamboo rhizome barrier permits the control of growth by surrounding it with a physical barrier such as concrete or specialist heavyweight plastic. If the barrier is not sloping outwards the rhizomes may well attempt to get under the barrier, or … Continue reading

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