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Deleuzian Politics? A Roundtable Discussion

Viewer A discussion on Deleuze and politics with topics covered including: Deleuze’s relationship to Marxism and capitalism; the political valency of the concept of deterritorialisation; the implications of Deleuzian thought for theorisations of collectivity and identity; its implications for thinking … Continue reading

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Imaging Place: Storymapping – Exploring the Naturalists’ Sense of Place

The central objective of the Tranquille project is to explore the lived experience of place. We share with many others an interest in meaning, but a notion of meaning that is not restricted to narrowly linguistic or cognitive senses. In … Continue reading

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Rhizome, Ecology, Geophilosophy

How do Deleuze and Guattari help us rethink our ecological crises beyond the impasses of State-sanctioned resource exploitation and reactive environmentalism? Do these authors not abstract concepts from the earth- and life-sciences and assemble a geophilosophy with which to construe … Continue reading

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Flattening Multiplicity: Deleuze and Guattari’s Rhizome

What is difficult to remember is that the tree and the rhizome are not necessarily opposed to one another; the first acts like a transcendent tracing and model while the second draws a map through an immanent process that overturns … Continue reading

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