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Overview of Action Research Methodology

Overview of Action Research Methodology “If you want it done right, you may as well do it yourself.” This aphorism may seem appropriate if you are a picky housekeeper, but more and more people are beginning to realize it can … Continue reading

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The Chile Mine Disaster: Self-organizing through informal networks

I think we should give this event a lot of our attention from our Discovery framework. It is so powerful and listening to the commentators and even the NASA psychologists, they are missing the point from a social ecological perspective. … Continue reading

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Skype Co-Founder: “We Need to Ensure That a Self-Correcting System Will Stay True to its Initial Purpose”

Tallinn told uudised.err.ee that in order to create artificial intelligence, two important problems need to be solved. “First, we need to ensure that a self-correcting system will stay true to its initial purpose. Secondly, we need to solve a more … Continue reading

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‘Neural Noise’ Primes Brain for Peak Performance

Read Researchers at the University of Rochester may have answered one of neuroscience’s most vexing questions—how can it be that our neurons, which are responsible for our crystal-clear thoughts, seem to fire in utterly random ways? In the November issue … Continue reading

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