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Speculations on the Future of Science

Science will continue to surprise us with what it discovers and creates; then it will astound us by devising new methods to surprises us. At the core of science’s self-modification is technology. New tools enable new structures of knowledge and … Continue reading

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Scaling Consensus: Increasing Decentralization in Wikipedia Governance

Read   How does “self-governance” happen in Wikipedia?  Through in-depth interviews with eleven individuals who have held a variety of responsibilities in the English Wikipedia, we obtained rich descriptions of how various forces produce and regulate social structures on the … Continue reading

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The Hidden Order of Wikipedia

Read   We examine the procedural side of Wikipedia, the well-known internet encyclopedia. Despite the lack of structure in the underlying wiki technology, users abide by hundreds of rules and follow well-defined processes. Our case study is the Featured Article … Continue reading

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The Wealth of Networks – How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom

The Wealth of Networks With the radical changes in information production that the Internet has introduced, we stand at an important moment of transition, says Yochai Benkler in this thought-provoking book. The phenomenon he describes as social production is reshaping … Continue reading

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Managing the Platform: Higher Education and the Logic of Wikinomics

Managing the Platform: Higher Education and the Logic of Wikinomics Wikinomics and Web 2.0 technologies represent as important a historical phenomenon as the birth of bureaucracy; indeed, we should refer to this moment in time as signaling a participatory turn … Continue reading

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