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UNESCO Science Report 2010 – Current Status of Science around the World

The UNESCO Science Report 2010 holds a mirror to the evolving status of science in the five years since its predecessor was published in 2005. It shows in particular how, while the disparities between countries and regions remain huge, the … Continue reading

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The Indigenous World 2010

Read I Read II   In spite of the positive developments achieved in 2009, the articles in this year’s edition of The Indigenous World show once again a frighteningly clear picture of the situation of indigenous peoples as of 2010 … Continue reading

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Social Enterprise: It takes a Network

The popularity of social enterprise—business with a social mission—is surging. MBA courses on the subject are oversubscribed and the number of social enterprises is growing around the world. But it’s hard enough to start a successful business; founding a social … Continue reading

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Get ready for a new economic era

Get ready for a new economic era The mortgage-fueled market slide is leading the United States into much more than a recession—it is also ushering in a new economy. The consumer economy that was born in the 1950s is lurching … Continue reading

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A Better Formula for Economic Growth: Connecting Smart Risk Takers

Build a magnificent technology park next to a research university; provide incentives for chosen businesses to locate there; add some venture capital. That is the common recipe for harnessing higher education and industry to spur economic growth as prescribed by … Continue reading

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“Reversing Brain Drain is Key to Africa’s Development”

Wole Soyinka: “Reversing Brain Drain is Key to Africa’s Development” The first African to win the Nobel Prize in literature, Wole Soyinka, has said that the reversal of Africa’s brain drain is key to the continent’s development. The Nigerian literary … Continue reading

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