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Using social network analysis in social-ecological studies

The emergent field that uses social network analysis (SNA) to analyze social-ecological systems and problems in natural resource management is growing. For those interested in reading into this field, I thought I share a reading list I am preparing for … Continue reading

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11 Ways to Build More Learning Into Your Work Life

11 Ways to Build More Learning Into Your Work Life   Learning can be a useful accelerator for the work you do. It can help keep you motivated, let you experience your progress in a different way, keep you engaged … Continue reading

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Swimming in the Sea of Learning Resources

Swimming in the Sea of Learning Resources As trainers, capacity developers, learning practitioners, and facilitators we have before us a veritable sea of interesting tools, techniques, and even toys that have been developed to help make our events successful and … Continue reading

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What is Social Learning?

What is Social Learning?   Social learning is increasingly becoming a normative goal in natural resource management and policy. However, there remains little consensus over its meaning or theoretical basis. There are still considerable differences in understanding of the concept … Continue reading

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The Death of the University – English Style

The Death of the Unuiversity First, universities’ financial planning will be thrown into uncertainty, affecting their forward decisions on the degrees they provide. It will become increasingly difficult to ensure continuity of quality and the maintenance of standards when income … Continue reading

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The convening power of the Internet, rapid advances in technology, and the reduced costs of launching a social enterprise in today’s wired world are driving the race to create business models brimming with purpose. In this environment, social entrepreneurs like … Continue reading

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Want Value From Social? Add Structure

Read Many managers these days face a social dilemma. They want to use social media to get input from many different customers and employees, because they know that an organization’s judgment is improved if its ideation and decision processes incorporate … Continue reading

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Deleuze Reframed – A Guide for the Arts Student

Read This book is the product of many fruitful discussions that we have had together over many years, as well as discussions we continue to have as scholars of philosophy and visual culture. We have both been excited and frustrated … Continue reading

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European Children’s University Network

European Children’s University Network Our society needs the talents, abilities and skills of children from poor and socially excluded backgrounds. Their presence in our universities and democracies as adults, adds diversity and wealth to our society, and in doing so, … Continue reading

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Access, Retention, and Success in Higher Education Around the World

Access, Retention, and Success in Higher Education Around the World In the world of higher education there is good news and some not so good. First the good: Practically all forecast analyses made by experts, from Unesco to OECD, and … Continue reading

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