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Review of Learning in ICT-enabled Networks and Communities

Read   This report studies the potential of these new online activities for lifelong learning as part of a larger project launched by Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) with DG Education and Culture. The overall project studies what contributes … Continue reading

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Learning Network Services for Professional Development

Learning Network Services for Professional Development   A “Learning Network” is a community of people who help each other to better understand and handle certain events and concepts in work or life. As a result ‘ and sometimes also as … Continue reading

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Ad-hoc Transient Communities – Towards Fostering Knowledge sharing in Learning Networks

Read (Download – at Viewer, change View) To enhance users’ social embedding within learning networks, we propose to establish ad-hoc transient communities. These communities serve a particular goal, exist for a limited period of time and operate according to specific … Continue reading

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Discussions on Learning in Online Networks and Communities

Read This report brings together the main messages from a workshop held to validate the results of a study on ‘Innovations in new ICT-facilitated Learning Communities’. A large and an increasing number of people live in an environment where informal … Continue reading

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What makes a Network a Learning Network?

Learning networks are a complex interaction between structures and activities. Each of  the key features has a role to play and, like any complex system, the ways in which they combine and interact are innumerable and cannot be predicted in … Continue reading

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Student-Centred Learning – Toolkit for students, staff and higher education institutions

Read   Student-Centred Learning – SCL – represents both a mindset and a culture within a given higher education institution and is a learning approach which is broadly related to, and supported by, constructivist theories of learning. It is characterised … Continue reading

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