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A antielitização latino-americana

Read As elites latino-americanas enfrentam uma crise de identidade e estão vendo encurralada sua capacidade ideológica para transfigurar seus interesses privados em projetos políticos majoritários próprios ou afins. Essas elites perderam seus pontos de referência. Elas sempre se refugiaram e … Continue reading

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A pensar nas eleições – Os jovens nas ruas e o sequestro das democracias

Read Os jovens acampados no Rossio e nas praças de Espanha são os primeiros sinais da emergência de um novo espaço público – a rua e a praça – onde se discute o sequestro das atuais democracias pelos interesses de … Continue reading

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The Networked Workplace

Read The networked workplace is the new reality. It’s always on and globally connected. This is where all organizations are going, at different speeds and in a variety of ways. Some won’t make it. First you connect people inside the … Continue reading

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Amicable networks and the peer governance mechanisms at Puerta del Sol

What is taking place within Spain at present is part of a wider narrative that police repression will simply not be able quell. A historic social and political shift appears to be taking place as an entire generation of young … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just Indignation: Inventing new ways of doing politics

It’s true that we’re indignant. But not just that. If it were just indignation that brought us together in the streets and squares of our cities, the movement would have less force. Once the moment of excitement had passed we … Continue reading

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Accelerated Unlearning

Read Here are some ways to accelerate the unlearning of old judgments and limitations: 1. Learn to play again. Kids are the most creative creatures because they let their imaginations run wild. Kids don’t put down their ideas; instead, they … Continue reading

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Ants Are Talking To Us – Binding in community, self-organizing and survival

Read Scientists at Georgia Tech recently reported this fascinating example of altruistic behavior in the animal kingdom as a survival mechanism. They reported that the dreaded Amazonian fire ant when swept up by the seasonal floodwaters came together by the … Continue reading

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