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Youth participation and community change

Read Young people become empowered by their participation in the institutions and decisions that affect their lives–which in turn can lead to real positive change in the community. Youth Participation and Community Change presents leading authorities providing the latest research … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing education: Youth Participatory Action Research in motion

Revolutionalizing Education makes extraordinarily unique contributions to the literature on young people by offering a broad framework for understanding a groundbreaking critical research methodlogy known as Youth-led Participatory Action Research. YPAR is a way to involve young people in defining … Continue reading

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Handbook of Social Justice in Education

The Handbook of Social Justice in Education, a comprehensive and up-to-date review of the field, addresses, from multiple perspectives, education theory, research, and practice in historical and ideological context, with an emphasis on social movements for justice. Each of the … Continue reading

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Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off in cyberspace

Read Read also: The Youth Crisis – Twenty reasons why it’s kicking off everywhere In February the Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason very succinctly laid out the radically different nature of recent popular uprisings across North Africa, the Middle East … Continue reading

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Student loan default trend compared to the subprime loan crisis

Read Read also:  Placing the Blame as Students Are Buried in Debt For-profit colleges slammed by student loan repayment data Student loan default is exploding and people are starting to wonder if the investment is worth the return. Hundreds of … Continue reading

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Global Employment Trends for Youth – on the impact of the global economic crisis on youth

Read View also: Highest Youth Unemployment Ever The report presents the latest global and regional labour market trends for youth and specifically explores how the global economic crisis has exposed the vulnerabilities of young people around the world. In developed … Continue reading

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Esa sana costumbre de decir que NO

Read ¿Y qué se supone que tienen de distintas estas revueltas con otros relatos de similar calibre como, por ejemplo, la Revolución Cubana, el Mayo Francés o la Primavera de Praga? Por empezar, su epicentro sísmico, que es en el … Continue reading

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Jóvenes en Argentina – Sector dinámico, pero aún vulnerable

Read Desde el primer trimestre de 2003, el crecimiento del empleo entre los jóvenes fue del 124 por ciento, casi el doble de la tasa general (68 por ciento), pero el 18,9 por ciento continúa sin conseguir trabajo.

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