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Rhizomatic Learning

Read The rhizomatic classroom requires a shift in teacher talk from telling to inquiring alongside students; from talking a lot and often to listening and conversing. Such shifts reveal the uncertainty present in dynamic learning. As Meg explained planning happens … Continue reading

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Neoliberal Politics as Failed Sociality: Youth and the Crisis of Higher Education

The American public is no longer offered the opportunities, guidance, and modes of education that cultivate the capacities for critical thinking and engaged citizenship. The formative cultures that provide the preconditions for critical thought and agency and are crucial to … Continue reading

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Austerity has hit politicians hard

Read Cuts have prompted mass dissatisfaction with mainstream political parties across the globe. But where is the alternative? What is happening? The short answer is “austerity“. Mass dissatisfaction with the major parties is tied to pessimism about the economy, and … Continue reading

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Imperiled Revolutions

The Arab Spring was marked by spontaneous revolts, lack of charismatic leaders, youthful exuberance, and disdain for more traditional forms of organizational discipline. That is what made these revolutions so appealing. Institutional obstacles to democracy, however, require institutional responses: speaking … Continue reading

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A crise da “sociedade de mercado”

Read A ficção da “sociedade de mercado” autorregulada que desmorona agora na Grécia, na Espanha e em outros países europeus, é resultado de um processo que vem de vários anos. Talvez suas primeiras manifestações tenham surgido nas periferias do sistema … Continue reading

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A rebeldia dos jovens que nos faz tanta falta

Read Entre tantas frases estimulantes e provocadoras que as rebeliões populares no mundo árabe e agora na Europa, essencialmente protagonizada por jovens, fizeram ecoar pelo mundo afora, a que mais nos incomoda – com toda razão – é aquela que … Continue reading

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