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Key Data on Learning and Innovation through ICT at school in Europe 2011

Read This report on Key Data on Learning and Innovation through ICT at School in Europe 2011 builds on the previous Eurydice publications on information and communication technology in schools in Europe. It also aims to extend the theoretical framework … Continue reading

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All-round education for life – a “truly outstanding school” in one of the highest performing education systems in the world

Hong Kong-China is one of the leading performers in the OECD PISA survey. It’s in the top 4 for reading, mathematics and science along with Shanghai-China, Korea and Finland, (while the UK’s results are in line with the OECD average … Continue reading

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Is software development complex?

Read One of the main premises of the Agile software developments methods ist that software development is a complex domain, and not an ordered, production line type of system such as automobile manufacturing. Unfortunately, the typical Agilist perception of complexity … Continue reading

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