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Strategizing for a Living Revolution

With the help and feedback of many activists from a number of countries I’ve created a strategic framework that aims to support today’s activists, something like the way Otpur activists were supported by their strategy. I call it a strategy … Continue reading

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Building a New Society Through Education

For the first time in El Salvador’s history, the government is providing children with uniforms, school materials, and a daily meal, while at the same time combating illiteracy among adults. Since 2010, the Ministry of ducation has eradicated illiteracy in … Continue reading

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Social Movements – A diversity of tactics, a paucity of participants

Ward Churchill, Peter Gelderloos and others have argued that the option of using violence needs to be available to movements fighting entrenched power, even alongside mass participation in nonviolent tactics like occupations and strikes. “Why tie our hands behind our … Continue reading

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Social Movements

Social movements around the world have used a wide variety of protest tactics to bring about enormous social changes, influencing cultural arrangements, public opinion, and government policies in the process. This concise yet in-depth primer provides a broad overview of … Continue reading

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Double movements and pendular forces – Polanyi perspectives on the neoliberal age

In the neoliberal era, Karl Polanyi’s notion of the ‘double movement’ has been widely deployed by social scientists as a critique of the prevailing order and a predictor of its demise. This article presents the double movement theorem, drawing upon … Continue reading

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Some of the Best Activist Projects to Watch

As the date to go to the polls comes near, many seasonal activists will lace up their sneakers and do the work of knocking on doors to lend an aid to high-profile and local campaigns alike.  Getting out the vote … Continue reading

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Trois critères pour la recherche d’alternatives

C’est peu de dire que l’idée d’alternative est dans l’actualité. Mais comment se construit une alternative ? Sur quelles bases peut-elle tenir ? Je commence à réfléchir à la question pour nourrir mes recherches sur les formes d’organisation qui subsistent … Continue reading

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Mainstream madness and its alternatives

The following dialogue continues an on-going cyber-discussion between two cultural philosophers, Dr. Sherry Ackerman and Dr. Guy McPherson. My whole thrust lately has been re-skilling — to learn the simple, creative techniques that my grandparents knew for growing food, home … Continue reading

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Don’t worry, nobody can steal your knowledge

Why do I share my knowledge? Well, actually, I don’t. I could not share my knowledge with you, if I wanted. There is no such thing as knowledge transfer. Data and information can be transferred, but not knowledge. To me, … Continue reading

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A critical look at the theories of sociology of education

This paper sets out to discuss major theories of sociology of education in an attempt to reveal why we need to extend analysis beyond their current forms. It provides both a brief historical account for each theory and fundamental critiques … Continue reading

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