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The Fractal Organization: Creating sustainable organizations with the Viable System Model

The world of management is in crisis – the old remedies no longer work and organizations are failing at an increasing rate. Although many talk of ‘joined up thinking’, few offer practical guidance on how to achieve this in organizations. … Continue reading

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The Smart Swarm

The modern world may be obsessed with speed and productivity, but twenty-first-century humans actually have much to learn from the ancient instincts of swarms. A fascinating new take on the concept of collective intelligence and its colorful manifestations in some … Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Social Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice details how social entrepreneurship can creatively solve pressing and seemingly insurmountable social problems. Theories of social change are presented to help demystify the “magic” of making an immense, yet durable and irreversible social impact. In-depth … Continue reading

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How to ignite and empower children

Soulaima Gourani has always been ambitious, but nobody expected that she would go far in life. In fourth grade her teacher even said that she should lower her ambitions since she was a girl, had dark skin and was called … Continue reading

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