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Autopoiesis and Cognition

This article revisits the concept of autopoiesis and examines its relation to cognition and life. We present a mathematical model of a 3D tesselation automaton, considered as a minimal example of autopoiesis. This leads us to a thesis T1: “An … Continue reading

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Autopoietic Law: A New Approach To Law And Society

The present debate in legal theory is dominated by an unfruitful schism. On the one hand, analytical theories are concerned with the positivity of law, running the risk of missing the law’s relation to society. On the other hand, sociological … Continue reading

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Law as a Social System

Modern systems theory provides a new method for the analysis of society through an examination of the structures of its communications. In this volume,  Niklas Luhmann, the theory’s leading exponent, explores its implications for our understanding of law. Luhmann argues … Continue reading

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De Maquinas y Seres Vivos

Humberto Maturana y Francisco Varela – ¿Cuál es la organización de los sistemas vivientes, qué clase de máquinas son ellos y cómo su fenomenología, incluidas la reproducción y la evolución, queda determinada por su organización?  Es trivialmente obvio que, si … Continue reading

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