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The Global Superorganism – an evolutionary-cybernetic model of the emerging Network Society

The organismic view of society is updated by incorporating concepts from cybernetics, evolutionary  theory, and complex adaptive systems. Global society can be seen as an autopoietic network of self-producing components, and therefore  as a living system or “superorganism”. Miller’s living … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Connection – Serendipity and Human Mediation in Networked Learning

Major changes on the Web in recent years have contributed to an abundance of information for people to harness in their learning. Emerging technologies have instigated the need for critical literacies to support learners on open online networks in the … Continue reading

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Using Serendipity to Advance Knowledge Building Activities

Serendipity has been shown throughout history to contribute towards creative advancements, scientific discovery and the generation of new knowledge. However, because most literature does not consider serendipitous information encounters to be typically goal-oriented, research on the use of serendipity as … Continue reading

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Homo Creativus – Aspects of Creativity and Serendipity Management

The core of this conference paper is the question about the possibilities of homo creativus in the contexts of organisational psychology, education, management and science and technology parks. There is an urgent need for implementing new approaches to the world … Continue reading

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