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The Role of Intuition in Thinking and Learning: Deleuze and the pragmatic legacy

How can this theorizing help us in an actual educational setting? The teacher’s task in a classroom, then, in order to get things moving, will become one of providing the appropriate conditions, as Firstness, under which something new would be … Continue reading

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The Rhizomatics of Domination: From Darwin to Biotechnology

In the rhizomatics of domination characteristic of corporate funded genetic engineering and biopiracy, the benefits of rhizomatic kinship are subsumed by the hierarchical accumulation of capital, while the dangers of biological contamination, the development of super-viruses and weeds, and the … Continue reading

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The Rhizomes of Manipur: How Marginal Resistance Turns Difference into Affirmation

This paper will examine the June-December 2004 popular uprising in Manipur, through the lens of reports in the Manipuri, Indian and global media, with a view to showing how the characteristics of an affinity-network arise in a marginal setting. It … Continue reading

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Internet and Society – Social Theory in the Information Age

Internet and society is an emerging research field. A number of strands are converging to feed this field. Among them are sociology of technology, new media studies, and social informatics. It does not come as a surprise that this field, … Continue reading

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