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Riding the Lines of Flight – Lifelong Learning as a Rhizome requires Rhizomatic Research

Thinking about the future of educational research requires a conceptual resource that is itself both imaginative and multiple and at the same time articulates a world with those self-same characteristics. This is provided by the work of Deleuze and Guattari.  … Continue reading

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A cultural-historical approach to distributed cognition

Our own rediscovery of the distribute nature of mind has grown from our acquaintance with the cultural-historical school of psychology. Consequently, we have decided to explore approaches to distributed cognition by tracing this line of thinking back to the origins … Continue reading

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Distributed Cognition – Toward a New Foundation for Human-Computer Interaction Research

We are quickly passing through the historical moment when people work in front of a single computer, dominated by a small CRT and focused on tasks involving only local information. Networked computers are becoming ubiquitous and are playing increasingly significant … Continue reading

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Cognition in the Wild

Edwin Hutchins combines his background as an anthropologist and an open ocean racing sailor and navigator in this account of how anthropological methods can be combined with cognitive theory to produce a new reading of cognitive science. His theoretical insights … Continue reading

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