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Collaborative Knowledge Creation – Practices, Tools, Concepts

This book presents perspectives on the knowledge creation metaphor of learning, and elaborates the trialogical approach to learning. The knowledge creation metaphor differs from both the acquisition and the participation metaphors. In a nutshell trialogical approaches seek to engage learners … Continue reading

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Complex thinking for a complex world

Edgar Morin – Our world is at crisis. Global challenges abound. However, they have a “dark” and a “bright” side. The dark side is the imminent danger of the breakdown of interdependent societies with the perspective of extermination of civilised … Continue reading

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Collective Creativity – Art and Society

Collective Creativity offers an analysis of the explosion of artistic creativity currently taking place on the South Pacific island of Rarotonga. By exploring the construction of this art-world through the ways in which creativity and innovation are linked to social … Continue reading

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Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives

Renowned scientists Christakis and Fowler present compelling evidence for our profound influence on one another’s tastes, health, wealth, happiness, beliefs, even weight, as they explain how social networks form and how they operate. “Connected” uses science and research to explain … Continue reading

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How to Start a Social Movement

Jeremy Heimans, the Australian native became what he calls a “movement entrepreneur,” an expert in using the internet to build social movements around pressing issues. He launched, a grassroots organizing force in his homeland that has more members than … Continue reading

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Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

Long before the Occupy movement, modern cities had already become the central sites of revolutionary politics, where the deeper currents of social and political change rise to the surface. Consequently, cities have been the subject of much utopian thinking. But … Continue reading

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Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back

In this time of turbulence, scientists, economists, social innovators, corporate and civic leaders, and citizens alike are asking the same basic questions: What causes one system to break down and another to rebound? Are we merely subject to the whim … Continue reading

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Cognition and Communication at Work

This book brings together contributions from researchers within various social science disciplines who seek to redefine the methods and topics that constitute the study of work. They investigate work activity in ways that do not reduce it to a “psychology” … Continue reading

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Pedagogía de la autonomía: Enseñar no es transferir conocimiento

El sistema educativo actual está basado en la Revolución Industrial, donde los trabajadores tenían que especializarse en un trabajo mecánico, y para ello debían repetirlo una vez tras otra hasta memorizarlo. En estos últimos 50 años las esferas económica, cultural … Continue reading

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Global Civil Unrest – Contagion, Self-Organization, and Prediction

Civil unrest is a powerful form of collective human dynamics, which has led to major transitions of societies in modern history. The study of collective human dynamics, including collective aggression, has been the focus of much discussion in the context … Continue reading

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