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Students are not customers

Students are not customers – in the ongoing debate post-tuition fees rise, students are likened, more and more, to customers, but I believe the analogy simply doesn’t ring true. I form this view on the basis that you cannot pay … Continue reading

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Tribalism, Groupism, Globalism

For all the talk about a world without borders and ever more interconnectedness, one fundamental human trait has not lost any of its power: the penchant of humankind to organize itself in tribes. People must have a tribe. It gives … Continue reading

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Work, Learning and Freedom

Noam Chomsky outlines a libertarian perspective on work and education, arguing that freedom is the root of creativity and fulfillment. If I had the time I would spend far more time doing work on language, philosophy, cognitive science, topics that … Continue reading

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Cartels Are an Emergent Phenomenon

Under certain market conditions, cartels arise naturally without collusion. This raises important questions over how the behavior should be controlled. The price of gas is a puzzle. Monitor the average price in gas stations in a particular city and it … Continue reading

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