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Networkologies: A Manifesto – Networks and Philosophy

The network is increasingly one of the fundamental metaphors whereby we have described the character of our age. Despite this, there has yet to be a philosophy of networks. A Networkological approach aims to address this fact. A Network is … Continue reading

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Chaos, Complexity, Curriculum and Culture: A Conversation

Although the fields of chaos and complexity are important in a number of disciplines, they have not yet been influential in education. This book remedies this dilemma by gathering essays by authors from around the world who have studied and … Continue reading

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Complexity and Education: Inquiries into Learning, Teaching, and Research

Explores the contributions, actual and potential, of complexity thinking to educational research and practice. While its focus is on the theoretical premises and the methodology, not specific applications, the aim is pragmatic–to present complexity thinking as an important and appropriate … Continue reading

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