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The Winter Chilean Students Said, Enough!

In sum, what was different and more important about this third cycle of student protests in democratic Chile? With respect to differences, university students consolidated an autonomous identity unconnected to political parties and developed a strong mobilization resource base. Innovative … Continue reading

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Student Protests: A Sociologist perspective

I approach student activism as an academic sociologist motivated by the question of why students, as a group, seem so often to be involved in political struggles around the world, compared with other social groups, and why, as some of … Continue reading

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Student Movements and the Power of Disruption

Student movements have played a crucial role in many major social and political transformations, at least partially because of their unique social status. Students are young and relatively unencumbered; students as individuals inhabit a transitory identity that they will soon … Continue reading

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The Return of Student Protest

For those of us who were present on a college campus in the 1980s, the tents of the students participating in the Occupy movement on campus this past year provided a feeling of nostalgia, and even a sense that things … Continue reading

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Student Activism on Campus: It’s Not Just for Lefties Anymore

When talk turns to college student activism, most people will conjure up images reminiscent of the anti-war movement of the 1960s. But when it comes to campus politics, the students doing the acting are not just on the left and … Continue reading

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Self Publishing: Second Class No More?

Not too long ago, traditional publishers held all the cards. If publishing houses rejected a book, its author had two choices: self-publish and bear the stigma, or put the manuscript in a drawer, forfeiting years of hard work, all the … Continue reading

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Key Issues in Education and Social Justice

This book focuses on the educational experience as a lifelong and society-wide issue. The author draws on research, policy, and contemporary thinking in the field to provide a comprehensive guide to the educational inequalities that may exist and persist throughout … Continue reading

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