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The International Student Movement and the Future of Global Organizing

On Nov. 14, 2012, tens of thousands of students flooded the streets of Montreal to express opposition to the proposed tuition hikes. As the University of Ottawa international-development student marched to the tune of  “À qui la rue?” Whose streets? … Continue reading

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From Arab Spring to global revolution

In an excerpt from his book Why It’s Still Kicking Off Everywhere, Paul Mason argues that a global protest movement, based on social networks, is here to stay. Two years on from the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the new Egyptian … Continue reading

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Public and Common(s)

Two terms, or really, two groups of terms, seem to gather competing ideas as to how we might conceive anything like a collective, collectivity, or collective space today. The city figures prominently in both. On the one hand we have … Continue reading

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Education, Enterprise Culture and the Entrepreneurial Self: A Foucauldian Perspective

The notion of ‘enterprise culture’ emerged in the United Kingdom as a central motif in political thought under Margaret Thatcher’s administration. The notion represented a profound shift away from the Keynesian welfare state to a deliberate attempt at cultural restructuring … Continue reading

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Enfants et écrans: psychologie et cognition

L’Académie des sciences vient de publier un rapport sur la relation des enfants aux écrans, un rapport qui tord le cou à nombre d’idées reçues sur le sujet et fait le point sur les connaissances scientifiques, éducatives et neurobiologiques. L’Académie … Continue reading

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Nous franchissons le mur du temps

Pour le prospectiviste Thierry Gaudin, nous vivons une révolution cognitive. Nous sommes en train de franchir « le mur du temps ». La course à la puissance, fondée sur des mythes hollywoodiens, précipite les crises au lieu de les résoudre. … Continue reading

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