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On Karl Marx, Chaos and Creativity

A more mundane lesson is that some creative people thrive on chaos. Every pop-psychology nostrum about creativity – the importance of balance, of cultivating undistracted focus, of getting plenty of exercise – is undermined by the many chaotic creatives whose … Continue reading

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Intuition as the Basis for Creativity

The comfortable truth is that the human brain is “plastic” or elastic if you prefer, and adults can adopt and practice the learning techniques of children in order to improve our creative and intuitive capabilities. If intuition and creativity are … Continue reading

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Conheça homens e mulheres que optaram por uma vida mais simples

Na contramão da sociedade contemporânea, homens e mulheres optam por uma vida mais simples. Eles garantem que são mais felizes. Conheça as histórias. Existe um movimento chamado simplicidade voluntária, que é um estilo de vida no qual os indivíduos conscientemente … Continue reading

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