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Key Competence Development in School Education in Europe

This report is a summary of two literature reviews produced in 2012 by research partners and experts working within the framework of KeyCoNet – the European Policy Network on the Implementation of Key Competences in School Education. The literature reviews … Continue reading

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The Human Rights Approach to Social Protection

One pressing omission to date is the complete absence from the discussion of the human rights implications and outcomes of social protection programmes. This is a significant analytical gap that must be filled. Considering the extensive human rights obligations which … Continue reading

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Limites e contradições dos movimentos que estão nas ruas

Paolo Gerbaudo, pesquisador do Kings College e especialista em movimentos sociais, fala sobre as semelhanças e diferenças entre os protestos de rua que sacudiram países como Egito, Turquia, Espanha e Brasil. Gerbaudo aponta a força desses movimentos, mas também indica … Continue reading

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A Complexity Theory for Public Policy

Complexity theory has become popular in the natural and social sciences over the last few decades as a result of the advancements in our understanding of the complexities in natural and social phenomena. Concepts and methods of complexity theory have … Continue reading

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Towards a Socio-ecological view of Emergence in Organizations: The reflexive turn

In this paper we explore the role and meaning of the concept of emergence in the study of organizations. A brief recount of the history of the concept of emergence illustrates a general failure to distinguish between the mechanisms of … Continue reading

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On the Evolution of Self-Organising Behaviours in a Swarm of Autonomous Robots

The study of collective, cooperative behaviours particularly attracts our attention, also given that much of the work presented in this thesis is inspired by the amazing organisational skills of social insects or other animal societies. From the observation of the … Continue reading

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Micropolíticas de los grupos: para una ecología de las prácticas colectivas

Hay ahí cuando menos una señal que nos tiene que hacer pensar: ¿cómo puede ser que en los grupos la cuestión de la micropolítica nos sea tan ajena y que no seamos capaces de acercarnos a problemas como el poder, … Continue reading

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Democracia Distribuida: Miradas de la Universidad Nómada al 15M

Mayo de 2011 fue uno de esos momentos en los que la gente sale a la calle, habla y actúa al mismo tiempo. Si bien no podemos medir la capacidad de afectación del acontecimiento 15M en nuestras vidas, tomaremos como … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing in Higher Education and Research Institutions and the USA Patriot Act

What are the implications of the Patriot Act for the possibility that access to information from higher education and research institutions stored in the cloud is requested by U.S. authorities? This is the key research question addressed in this report. … Continue reading

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