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STIMULA – stimulating Science and Technology teaching and learning

STIMULA aims to develop innovative methodologies to foster aspirations towards science and technology (S&T) careers among pupils in secondary level education, using as a strategy the active involvement of the world of work (universities, research & innovation centres, and research … Continue reading

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The Dialogic Change Model

The Dialogic Change Model introduced here allows for result-oriented, structured planning and implementation of a Stakeholder Dialogue. It is divided into four phases. This division has proven helpful in taking all demands and requirements of the different phases of a … Continue reading

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On Altruism and Selfishness

This universal theory on selfishness is a preconceived idea. There is no scientific study to support it. But since this idea has existed forever, scientists decided to prove through experiments that altruism existed. Daniel Batson, a great American psychologist, studied … Continue reading

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