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The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor

Imagine an Internet where unseen hands curate your entire experience. Where third parties predetermine the news, products and prices you see—even the people you meet. A world where you think you are making choices, but in reality, your options are … Continue reading

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The Social Brain and its Superpowers

Neuroscientist Matthew Lieberman explains that through his studies he’s learned that our kryptonite is ignoring the importance of our social superpowers and by building on our social intuition, we can make ourselves smarter, happier, and more productive. In this TEDx … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Want To Live In Dataland

Dataland — a place where your activities are tracked 24/7 — is almost upon us, say some researchers. Popular myths stress the advantages of a data-driven society, but there’s a dark side. In Dataland, we’re tracked 24/7. What we eat, … Continue reading

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Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior

We show that easily accessible digital records of behavior, Facebook Likes, can be used to automatically and accurately predict a range of highly sensitive personal attributes including: sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious and political views, personality traits, intelligence, happiness, use of … Continue reading

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