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Eleven Things I’ve Learned About Sustainability

It seems clear to me that the search for solutions to the challenges faced in common by all people will not be successful if limited to an outward quest for answers in the domains of science and technology – that … Continue reading

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Dealing with Complexity

Individuals and organizations seem more able to acknowledge the increased complexity in our daily lives. It has become quite evident that the crucial problems that afflict our organizations, communities, and society at large cannot to be solved with “quick fixes.” … Continue reading

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Crafting Organizations as Sustainable Human Systems

Talented people and collaborative partnerships are essential resources for today’s organizations. Critical, then, is leading organizations from a vantage point of stewardship and justice. From a systems perspective, sustainability is woven into the fabric of the entire organization, touching many … Continue reading

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Design Thinking and Conscious Evolution

Systems thinking is a holistic form of understanding, analysis, and problem solving. It’s also a way to bring balanced, more impactful solutions to our businesses and social challenges. But what about design thinking? Design thinking involves using design methodologies to … Continue reading

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To connect or disconnect, that is the question

Technology is a double-edged sword, making one’s livelihood better while simultaneously causing one to distance him/herself from others. People are connected but not present. Digital communication and social media can: Foster one to become a workaholic; Cause one to be … Continue reading

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The Global Slavery Index Report 2013

The Global Slavery Index report is published by the Walk Free Foundation, . committed to ending all forms of modern slavery in this generation. Modern slavery includes slavery, slavery-like practices (such as debt bondage, forced marriage and sale or exploitation … Continue reading

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The Global Gender Gap Report 2013

Since 2006, through the Global Gender Gap Report series, the World Economic Forum has been quantifying the magnitude of gender-based disparities and tracking their progress over time. By providing a comprehensive framework for benchmarking global gender gaps, the Report identifies … Continue reading

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