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Zygmunt Bauman’s Warning From History

But we cannot simply memorialize without asking difficult and searching questions about the contemporary moment. Are there, for instance, aspects of contemporary global society that make it possible to think and act in ways that render specific populations disposable? Such … Continue reading

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Lo que Europa medieval hizo con sus adolescentes

… hace cientos de años, en el norte de Europa regía una línea de disciplina particularmente dura con los menores, que eran enviados a vivir y trabajar en casas ajenas. Algo que, sin ninguna sorpresa, los jóvenes no siempre disfrutaban. … Continue reading

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Searching for the Future in the Streets of Caracas

This essay describes the perilous situation of contemporary neoliberal capitalism which we refer to as immiseration capitalism. We argue that a possible alternative to immiseration capitalism lies in the current movement in Venezuela known as the Bolivarian revolution. The authors … Continue reading

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From the Struggle for Education to the Transformation of Society

We are three voices at a public university in northern Chile. This essay is about how social science takes into account or ignore the current political tension produced by social movements against neoliberalism . We have three stories – student … Continue reading

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Is philosophy of education a historical mistake? Connecting philosophy and education differently

In this article, I suggest that the question whether the proper place for philosophy of education is in the domain of philosophy or the domain of education cannot be resolved as long as we think of the connection between philosophy … Continue reading

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Philosophy of education and other educational sciences

This article largely agrees with John White’s characterizations of the relationships among philosophy of education, philosophy more generally, and the conventional world. It then extends what White identifies as the fundamental problem that should now be occupying philosophy of education … Continue reading

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Philosophy, philosophy of education, and economic realities

In 2009 Harvey Siegel edited The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education. This article develops a theme, prompted by reflection on several essays in that volume, about the nature of philosophy of education and its relation to philosophy. Siegel’s view … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire’s challenge to anthropology – Create a Pedagogy of the Oppressed for your times

Paulo Freire was a revolutionary educator. He founded an educational movement based on conducting an ethnographic evaluation of a community to identify the generative themes (or ‘‘dangerous words’’) which matter profoundly to people and which, for just this reason, contain … Continue reading

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Action Research Meets Critical Pedagogy – Theory, Practice, and Reflection

This article describes and critically examines the collaborative research process between an urban university’s research center and its community partners. The authors link the theoretical framework of collaborative research, participatory action research, and critical pedagogy to their personal experiences involving … Continue reading

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Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play when no one has the Time

In her attempts to juggle work and family life, Brigid Schulte has baked cakes until 2 a.m., frantically but surreptitiously sent important emails during school trips and then worked long into the night after her children were in bed. Realising … Continue reading

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