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Human Empathy Through the Lens of Social Neuroscience

Empathy is the ability to experience and understand what others feel without confusion between oneself and others. Knowing what someone else is feeling plays a fundamental role in interpersonal interactions. In this paper, we articulate evidence from social psychology and … Continue reading

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Group Minds and Mindset – On the Identities of Crowds

This book seeks to detail what we mean when we speak of human associations – groups, organizations and whole societies – as composite minds in their own right, with characteristic identities and changing mindsets of their own. The book’s first … Continue reading

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Cultural Neuroscience and the Collective Good

What is the role of the individual in the collective good? From Rosa Parks to Mother Theresa, human history is rife with examples of prosocial change brought about by individual heroism. In this chapter, we explore the importance of the … Continue reading

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Creating a Community of Readers

This article addresses another aspect of communal development: creating a community of readers that is school-wide in character. For most of this century, educators have taught reading as isolated sets of skills to be mastered and then applied incontext. Students’ … Continue reading

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Whose culture has capital? A Critical Race Theory discussion of Community Cultural Wealth

This article conceptualizes community cultural wealth as a critical race theory (CRT) challenge to traditional interpretations of cultural capital. CRT shifts the research lens away from a deficit view of Communities of Color as places full of cultural poverty disadvantages, … Continue reading

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Teaching about Economic and Social Inequality

South Africa is a country of stark contrasts, with opulence co-existing alongside poverty. Historically the issue of class has been narrowly linked to race, yet in present day South Africa, economic inequality and poverty knows no racial boundary. Teachers often … Continue reading

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