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Inside-Out Pedagogy – Theorising Pedagogical Transformation Through Teaching Philosophy

This retrospective interview study focused on the impact that training and implementation of Philosophy, in Lipman’s tradition of Philosophy for Children, had on the pedagogy of 14 primary teachers at one school. Semistructured interviews were conducted to document the impact … Continue reading

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Using Drama as an Effective Method to Teach Elementary Students

“Human beings are storytelling primates. We are curious, and we love to learn. The challenge for each teacher is to find ways to engage the child and take advantage of the novelty-seeking property of the human brain to facilitate learning”. … Continue reading

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Supporting Student Self-Regulated Learning in Problem- and Project-Based Learning

In order to be successful in problem- or project-based learning (PBL), students must take responsibility for the learning process by setting goals, monitoring, reflecting, and sustaining their motivation from the beginning of the project until the end. However, for many … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Interpretation and Promotion of Creativity in Learning of Mathematics

Creativity is important for young children learning mathematics. Comparing the investment theory of creativity and national standards and principles for early mathematics shows that doing mathematics is more than applying rules and procedures; rather, learning mathematics takes a lot of … Continue reading

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Social Innovation Projects To Tackle Unemployment

A couple of days ago, the European Commission chose the ten finalists of the second Social Innovation Competition, a contest launched last year in memory of Portuguese computer scientist and politician Diogo Vasconcelos. The contest was set up to encourage … Continue reading

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