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Ants Swarm Like Brains Think

A neuroscientist studies ant colonies to understand feedback in the brain. The behavior of each individual in the group is set by the rate at which it meets other ants and a set of basic rules. Its behavior alters that … Continue reading

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The future of the library: How they’ll evolve for the digital age

Will the digital age mark another era of decline for libraries? To an observer from an earlier era, unfamiliar with the screens and devices now crowding out printed books, it may look that way at first. On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Towards a Philosophy of the Web – Representation, Enaction, Collective Intelligence

We present some initial forays into the questions that underlie the philosophy of the Web around the notions of  representation, enactive search, the extended mind, and collective intelligence.  Having philosophers seriously move their research programmes into the nature of the … Continue reading

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Global Brain and the Future of Human Society

In this article, I tried to introduce the reader to the idea of Global Brain and a potential global brain social landscape. This landscape will be much different. The global brain will have common elements globally: hyper-abundance and hyper-connectivity. The … Continue reading

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Collective Intelligence in Humans – A Literature Review

This literature review focuses on collective intelligence in humans. A keyword search was performed on the Web of Knowledge and selected papers were reviewed in order to reveal themes relevant to collective intelligence. Three levels of abstraction were identified in … Continue reading

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