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Complexity, Natural Selection and the Evolution of Life and Humans

In this paper, I discuss the concept of complexity. I show that the principle of natural selection as acting on complexity gives a solution to the problem of reconciling the seemingly contradictory notion of generally increasing complexity and the observation … Continue reading

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Imagining the University

Despite both positive and negative perceptions of the current state of higher education, the contemporary debate over what it is to be a university is limited. Most of all, it is limited imaginatively. The range of imagined options is narrow. … Continue reading

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Organizing through Empathy

This book challenges the existing paradigm of capitalism by providing scientific evidence and empirical data that empathy is the most important organizing mechanism. The book is unique in that it provides a comprehensive review of the transformational qualities of empathy … Continue reading

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Education for an Emerging Society

“Social evolution is showing us some interesting patterns in the behaviour of our society. It seems that we have in some ways trapped ourselves within the structures that we have created. Throughout the brief history of the educational systems typical … Continue reading

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Dialogic instruction and learning – the case of one Kiswahili Classroom in Kenya

This paper reports on an ethnographic case study which was carried out in a Kenyan first-grade classroom. The classroom had 89 students with their 2 teachers who taught at different times. The classroom was very crowded and had a high … Continue reading

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Social Learning Systems and Communities of Practice

Social Learning Systems and Communities of Practice is a collection of classical and contemporary writing associated with learning and systemic change in contexts ranging from cities, to rural development to education to nursing to water management to public policy. It … Continue reading

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Emma Project – European Multiple MOOC Aggregator

EMMA, the European Multiple MOOC Aggregator is a 30 month pilot action supported by the European Union. It aims to showcase excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and learning approaches through the large-scale piloting of MOOCs on different subjects. EMMA will … Continue reading

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