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Lab Matters: Challenging the practice of social innovation laboratories

The latest trend in our quest to fix the global challenges of the 21st century is to  ‘lab’ complex issues. In short, a lab is a container for social experimentation, with a team, a process and space to support social … Continue reading

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Big Data for Social Innovation

Nonprofits and other social change organizations are lagging their counterparts in the scientific and business communities in collecting and analyzing the vast amounts of data that are being generated by digital technology. Four steps need to be taken to improve … Continue reading

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Our Brains and Art

While most people know on some level that the arts can reach and move us in unique ways, there is actually science behind this. The arts can tap into issues that are otherwise out of reach and reach people in … Continue reading

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Mentored Open Online Courses

Leuphana University bundles all its online learning activities in one institution: Leuphana Digital School. With its unique didactical concept – consisting of scholars, mentors and tutors working hand in hand with a peer-based learning approach supported by a sophisticated online … Continue reading

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Seeking Good Change: discovering the Transformative Potential of Higher Education

This paper explores ways in which aspirations for development (“good change”) are battered currently by forces and challenges that appear to be diminishing opportunities for social justice, equity and harmony. There are many  examples of good change, some of which … Continue reading

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Multi-­voiced Dialogues (dialogicality) as means for Co-­production of Knowledge

The article elaborates on a theoretical understanding of dialogue as a means for the co-production of knowledge in and on leadership communicative practices through ongoing research collaboration that involves leaders, researchers and master students at Aalborg University. Dialogue is viewed … Continue reading

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Transformative Pedagogy for Democracy and Social Justice

The authors propose a theoretical model of engaged learning for democracy and justice that draws from multicultural education and critical pedagogy, Freireian dialogic education, and Kolb’s active, experiential learning. Engaged learning is defined as applying concepts and ideas from the … Continue reading

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Creating Spaces for Critical Transformative Dialogues

Focused dialogue (as lived and living practices) can have a powerful role in renewing professional practice, advancing its sustainability and development as administrative and political systems colonize the practices of teachers and teacher educators. However, participating in discussion groups for … Continue reading

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Participatory Practice: Community-based Action for Transformative Change

Work of integrated praxis, situating theory within a participatory worldview and grounding practice in the important issues of our times – social justice and sustainability. Ledwith and Springett’s ideas are founded on two premises. Firstly, transformative practice begins in the … Continue reading

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