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Cultural Neuroscience

Cultural neuroscience issues from the apparently incompatible combination of neuroscience and cultural psychology. A brief literature sampling suggests, instead, several preliminary topics that demonstrate proof of possibilities: cultural differences in both lower-level processes (e.g. perception, number representation) and higher-order processes … Continue reading

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A Dynamic View of Cultural Influence: A Review

Static models of culture’s influence have given way to a dynamic view, which identifies not only differences across cultures in people’s judgments and decisions, but also the situations and conditions in which these differences do or do not appear. Theory … Continue reading

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Cultural Memory

Humans have a form of externalised memory. They are able to transmit information across generations in the form of learned cultural traditions and preserve this knowledge in artefacts. How this capability evolved from the simpler traditions of other animals is … Continue reading

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Cultural Intelligence – From Social to Cultural Brain

Although the social brain hypothesis has found near-universal acceptance as the best explanation for the evolution of extensive variation in brain size among mammals, it faces two problems. First, it cannot account for grade shifts, where species or complete lineages … Continue reading

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The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Its Components on Creativity

The aim of this study was predicting creativity and its components based on emotional intelligence and its  components. The sample comprised from 548 students in four secondary grades and pre-university level from Shiraz high schools. Who were selected via multi-stage … Continue reading

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Communication and Collective Action: Language and the Evolution of Human Cooperation

All social species face various “collective action problems” or “social dilemmas,” meaning problems in achieving cooperating when the best move from a selfish point of view yields an inferior collective outcome. Compared to most other species, humans are very good … Continue reading

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