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Handbook of Cultural Intelligence: Theory, Measurement, and Applications

Cultural intelligence is defined as an individual’s ability to function effectively in situations characterized by cultural diversity, which is becoming typical of today’s global and diverse work settings. With contributions from eminent scholars worldwide, the Handbook of Cultural Intelligence is … Continue reading

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Multiple Levels of Metacognition and Complex Problem-solving Tasks

Building on prior efforts, we re-conceptualize metacognition on multiple levels, looking at the sources that trigger metacognition at the individual level, the social level, and the environmental level. This helps resolve the paradox of metacognition: metacognition is personal, but it … Continue reading

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The effects of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence on Cross-cultural Adjustment

The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of cultural intelligence (CQ) and emotional intelligence (EI) on an individual’s adjustment in a different cultural environment. A paper-based survey, with a return rate of 42.1%, was completed by … Continue reading

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The Cultural Evolution of Socially Situated Cognition

Because human cognition is creative and socially situated, knowledge accumulates, diffuses, and gets applied in new  contexts, generating cultural analogs of phenomena observed in population genetics such as adaptation and drift. It is therefore commonly thought that elements of culture … Continue reading

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Leadership Emergence in Multicultural Teams

Building on theories of person-environment fit and on the pattern approach, we hypothesized that emergent leaders in multicultural teams score higher than non-leaders in terms of the three global characteristics, of cultural intelligence, global identity and openness to cultural diversity. … Continue reading

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