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Intelligence, Creativity, and Cognitive Control

Intelligence and creativity are known to be correlated constructs suggesting that they share a common cognitive basis. The present study assessed three specific executive abilities – updating, shifting, and inhibition – and examined their common and differential relations to fluid … Continue reading

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Moods, Emotions and Creative Thinking: A Framework for Teaching

When planning and teaching, attention is generally given to cognition while the effect of mood and emotion on cognition is ignored. But students are not emotionless thinkers and the effect can make a difference to their thought. This is particularly … Continue reading

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The Study of the Phenomenon of Creativity in the Educational Environment

The modern world has changed dramatically: now it is the world of increasing volatility, heterogeneity, diversity, and rapid changes. It has become a self-organizing system that goes out of a human control and imposes its own laws. The state of … Continue reading

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