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Global Leadership Success through Emotional and Cultural Intelligences

Culturally attuned and emotionally sensitive global leaders need to be developed: leaders who can respond to the particular foreign environments of different countries and different interpersonal work situations. Two emerging constructs are especially relevant to the development of successful global … Continue reading

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The Developmental Origin of Metacognition

We explain metacognition as a management of cognitive resources that does not necessitate algorithmic strategies or  meta-representation. When pragmatic, world-directed actions cannot reduce the distance to the goal, agents engage in epistemic action directed at cognition. Such actions often are … Continue reading

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Socially Shared Metacognition

Much problem solving and learning occurs in social situations, and social relations afford and facilitate these processes in many ways. However, previous research has mostly neglected to consider metacognition from the social point of view. On the basis of the … Continue reading

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The Cultural Part of Cognition

This paper discusses the role of cultural anthropology in Cognitive Science. Culture is described as a very large pool of information passed along from generation to generation, composed of learned “programs” for action and understanding. These cultural programs differ in … Continue reading

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The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition

Michael Tomasello argues that the roots of the human capacity for symbol-based culture, and the kind of psychological development that takes place within it, are based in a cluster of uniquely human cognitive capacities that emerge early in human ontogeny. … Continue reading

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