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Can We Learn to Treat One Another Better? A Social Intelligence Curriculum

This paper reports on the first test of the value of an online curriculum in Social Intelligence (SI). Built from current social and cognitive neuroscience research findings, the 50 session SI program was administered, with facilitation in Spanish by classroom … Continue reading

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Semiotic Dynamics and Collaborative Tagging

Collaborative tagging has been quickly gaining ground because of its ability to recruit the activity of web users into effectively organizing and sharing vast amounts of information. Here we collect data from a popular system and investigate the statistical properties … Continue reading

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An Evolutionary Model of Bounded Rationality and Intelligence

Most economic theories are based on the premise that individuals maximize their own self-interest and correctly incorporate the structure of their environment into all decisions, thanks to human intelligence. The influence of this paradigm goes far beyond academia–it underlies current … Continue reading

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The Collective Intelligence of Online Communities

Recent research with face-to-face groups found that a measure of general group effectiveness (called “collective intelligence”) predicted a group’s performance on a wide range of different tasks. The same research also found that collective intelligence was correlated with the individual … Continue reading

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The History of Technological Anxiety and the Future of Economic Growth

Technology is widely considered the main source of economic progress, but it has also generated cultural anxiety throughout history. From generation to generation, literature has often portrayed technology as alien, incomprehensible, increasingly powerful and threatening, and possibly uncontrollable. So it … Continue reading

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