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What is ethnomusicology? That’s a good question and it has been debated and argued about for at least the last 60 years. Ethnomusicology was coined as an academic term in 1959 by Jaap Kunst, a Dutch scholar working mainly in … Continue reading

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Dynamics of Change in Multi-ethnic Societies

Many of us live in large cities of the modern world, which in general are heterogeneous multi-ethnic societies. Immigrants come to these settlements looking for better living conditions and for work opportunities. Immigrants also tend to stay close to their … Continue reading

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Distributed Leadership in Organizations – A Review of Theory and Research

The aim of this paper is to review conceptual and empirical literature on the concept of distributed leadership (DL) in order to identify its origins, key arguments and areas for further work. Consideration is given to the similarities and differences … Continue reading

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Emergence, Causality, Self-Organisation

Emergence and self-organisation are  the  two main concepts  that  this book and  the research project “Human Strategies in Complexity”  focus on. Aspects of emergence are: Synergism: Emergence  is due  to  the productive  interaction between entities. Synergies between  interacting  entities  are  … Continue reading

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Self-organization of Time and Causality – steps towards understanding the ultimate origin

Probably  the  most  fundamental  problem  is  the  origin  of  time  and causality. The inherent difficulty is that all scientific theories of origins and evolution consider  the  existence  of  time  and  causality  as  given. We  tackle  this  problem  by starting  from  … Continue reading

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Building Trust: Increased Heart Rate Synchrony during Joint Action

People who trust each other often find their hearts beat in step with one another when collaborating on a task. Scientists are puzzled by the phenomenon. Throughout human evolution, cooperation has always been a vital ingredient in our species’ survival. … Continue reading

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