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Learning to be Precarious – Transition of Young People from School into Precarious Work

The integration of young adults into the labor market is a challenge for every society. Because Germany survived the current crisis quite well and youth unemployment rate is more or less stable, the German apprenticeship-system, Duale Ausbildung, became a kind … Continue reading

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On the Difficult role of Critical intellectuals in Social Movements

In this article the authors try to elaborate an explicit connection between social theories in relation to the role of intellectuals in social movements. These should view themselves as educational movements if they seek to be successful. By so doing … Continue reading

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Countering Neoliberalism: A Pedagogy of the Heart from a Finnish Higher Learning Perspective

Finnish education and schooling have embraced the neoliberal model of education. No longer is the education system focused on social justice and social equality; rather, Finnish education and schooling have been remarketed into a more individualist mode of learning and … Continue reading

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Social Consciousness, Education and Transformative Activity

This paper examines two aspects of social consciousness: consciousness in the sense of knowledge of the objective reality and consciousness in the sense of awareness of oneself as a subject in his/her social ties with other persons-subjects. In the light … Continue reading

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Free Education! The Chilean Student Movement – Reform or Revolution?

This paper provides a report on the Chilean student movement, 2011 – 2014, from the perspective of the students themselves, based on the main research question: are the student protests for reform or revolution? The analytical framework is made up … Continue reading

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Challenging Neoliberal Ideology in Postsecondary Education

The purpose of this paper is to challenge the commonsensical acceptance of commitments to excellence within postsecondary education and reveal their inherent neoliberal foundation. Because excellence appears neutral, natural, universal, and a legitimate educational goal, it obfuscates the embedded assumptions … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire: Pedagogy in the Grand Style

Freire’s is pedagogy in the grand style. It is a pedagogy with a mission – one appealing to teachers who have the profoundest sense of their vocation – of their calling, not just as teachers of a single subject, but … Continue reading

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