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Government as a Platform: a historical and architectural analysis

A national administration is dependent on its archives and registers, for many purposes, such as tax collection, enforcement of law, economic governance, and welfare services. Today, these services are based on large digital infrastructures, which grow organically in volume and … Continue reading

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Privacy in a Digital, Networked World

This comprehensive textbook/reference presents a focused review of the state of the art in privacy research, encompassing such diverse topics as cloud computing, crowdsourcing platforms, vehicular ad-hoc networks, big data, mobile devices, location-based systems, smart grid technology, databases, social networks, … Continue reading

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The Transformation of Human Rights Fact-Finding

Fact-finding is at the heart of human rights advocacy, and is often at the center of international controversies about alleged government abuses. In recent years, human rights fact-finding has greatly proliferated and become more sophisticated and complex, while also being … Continue reading

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Peer Review in 2015: A global view

“Within the academic community, peer review is widely recognized as being at the heart of scholarly research. However, faith in peer review’s integrity is of ongoing and increasing concern to many. It is imperative that publishers (and academic editors) of … Continue reading

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