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La Centralidad Política de la Clase y la Izquierda Académica Actual

“Estos nuevos guerreros no clasistas de cierta izquierda académica actual aceptan en la práctica la construcción neoliberal del universo social. Tampoco para ellos hay clases o política de clases; simplemente, un mundo postmoderno en el que la fragmentación, la diversidad … Continue reading

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Heterogeneous Structure in Mixed-species Flocks

Flocks of birds in flight represent a striking example of collective behaviour. Models of self-organization suggest that repeated interactions among individuals following simple rules can generate the complex patterns and coordinated movements exhibited by flocks. However, such models often assume … Continue reading

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Flock Murmurations – How Just One Bird Can Urge an Entire Flock to Change Directions

The equations that describe these movements are equivalent to those that govern waves. Cavagna was hardly the first scientist to be intrigued by these acrobatics—known, in a rare instance of technical language coinciding with poetry, as “murmurations.” Other animals that … Continue reading

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