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Social Entrepreneurship: A Different Perspective

Entrepreneurship has long been acknowledged as a major force for economic development, however, only recently has the important role social entrepreneurship plays in contributing toward both economic and social wellbeing been recognized. Nevertheless, there is still no singular established definition … Continue reading

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Social Entrepreneurship and Complexity Science – New Collaboration

This paper looks at how ideas, constructs, methods and insights coming out of systems thinking and the sciences of complex systems can be applied to the study of social entrepreneurship. At present, there is  no one general theoretical perspective that … Continue reading

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Complexity, Innovation, and Development: Schumpeter Revisited

The role of innovation and entrepreneurship is increasingly getting policy attention in emerging countries. A growing body of literature is deriving its inspiration from the work of Joseph Schumpeter. His seminal 1911 book, The Theory of Economic Development, outlined a … Continue reading

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